Micromen's BuildSuperfast is widely acknowledged as one of the best comprehensive ERP solutions for the construction industry today. With more than 25 years of profound research and dedicated service to construction industry, BuildSuperfast is the only comprehensive ERP solution where technology meets in-depth civil knowledge gained by handling hundreds of clients from the civil domain alone. The software now has an installed base of over 1000 client organizations and won accolades worldwide.

BSF ERP Software is the ultimate solution for construction and real estate industries, providing tailored features for efficient management. We have listed below why we are the best ERP for construction industry & why construction companies have been using our ERP for more than 3 decades.

Seamless Integration

BSF ERP integrates all aspects of construction and real estate businesses, streamlining operations and enhancing productivity. Making it the best ERP for construction & best ERP for real estate companies.

Tailored for Industry Needs

Designed specifically for the construction and real estate sectors, BSF ERP caters to project management, costing, subcontractor management, and property tracking. With more than 300 implementations under belt many builders & contractors consider BSF - ERP to be the best ERP for the construction industry.

Streamlined Project Management

BSF ERP simplifies project planning, tracking, resource management, and budgeting, ensuring timely project completion.

Real-time Reporting and Analytics

Real-time insights help businesses make data-driven decisions, identify opportunities, and address challenges promptly.

Enhanced Collaboration

Centralized data storage facilitates seamless communication among teams, improving efficiency and coordination.

Scalability and Customization

BSF ERP scales with business growth and allows customization to fit unique workflows.

Workflow Management

Automatic SMS & E-Mail Alerts | Alerts to Superior User on Non-completion of Work | Pending works tab | Multi-level & value Based Approvals | Approvals through E-mail | Approval History and Auditing | Rights Based Access | User-defined Quick links & Dashboards | In-built Chat | Reminders | Memo System | Newsfeed


Components Database | Items of Work Master | Land Bank Management | Project Conception | Estimate | Project Resource Requirement & Costing Report | Automated Schedule of Work Document Generation | Automated Tender Document Generation | Budgeting & Forecasting | Work Breakdown Structure | Planning & Scheduling | Rescheduling | Schedule Comparison | Gantt Chart | Export to MS Projects | MIS

Vendor Management

Vendor Database (Suppliers, Contractors & Service Providers) | Vendor History | Vendor Assessment | Request for Quotation | Document Management | Vendor Analysis

Material Management

Material Request | Indent | Purchase Order | MIN/GRN/DC | Purchase Return | Material Transfers | Material Billing | Warehousing | Material Issue | Gate Pass | Stock Statement | Document Management | Pending Transactions-Project-Wise, Vendor-Wise, Material-Wise Reports | Material Rate History | Material Consumption & Costing | MIS

Work Progress Management

Work Order | Daily Labour Strength | Daily Progress/Measurement Book | Work Bill | Maintenance | Document Management | Job Cost Report | Project Cashflow | Cost to Complete | Schedule Vs Actual Comparison | MIS

Financial Accounting

Accounts Directory | Payment Advice | Journal Vouchers | Special Journals | Automated Advance recovery | Automated Tax Remittance | Automated BRS Updates | Financial Statements & Costing Reports | IFRS Reporting Standards | Trial Balance | Fixed Asset Analysis | Asset Depreciation | Integration with Material Billing, Contractor Billing, Buyer Invoices, Asset Sales & Hire and Payroll Management | Financial Strength Analysis | Accounts Payable & Receivable Reports | Debt Collection | Income-Expenses Statement | Financial Trend Analysis | MIS


Campaign Budgeting & Analysis | Competitor Analysis | Enquiry Database | Auto Allocation of Enquiries | Automated Bulk Emailing | Document Generation System | Automated Tax Calculation | Automated Unit Generation | Client History & Ledger | Pre sale & Post Sale Follow up Alerts | Multiple Demand Letter Generation | Buyer Receipts | Executive Target & Analysis | Interactive Availability Chart | Property Management | Document Management | MIS


Employee Database & Employee Records | Recruitment & Resume Database | Promotions | Transfers | Loans & Advances | Claims Management | Insurance | PF | Employee Evaluation | Attendance-Daily/Monthly | Leaves & Permissions | Automated Payroll Generation with Accounts Update | Increments, Bonus & Arrears | Document Management | MIS

Client Billing

Running Bills | Submitted Bills | Client Certified Bills | MIS

Plant & Machinery Management

Asset Master | Asset usage | Running Details | Asset Transfers | Asset Issues | Asset Purchase | Asset Breakdown & Repair | Idle Assets | Production Details | Scrap | Service Reminders | Term Loan Reminders | MIS need content